Saturday, June 16, 2007

Attractive Keywords for adsense

by Jc Garcia

Have you found that you have trouble getting people to click on the ads you are showing on your blog or website? Do you have the visitors but they just don't convert to clicks?

Let me tell you how to improve that situation so that you can gain a bit more interest in the ads you are showing. I am not saying that you will get rich by any means, however it may give you an edge to get a few extra clicks here and there.

Lets analyze how adsense ads generally work. Supposedly google displays the most relevant ads for the content you are showing on your website. However you may find that isn't always the case because there might not be the right kind of ads that connect with the text you are using on your site. Therefore we need to have a look at some words that can convert to google showing different ads that will catch the eye of your visitors.

"FREE" is a word that is used in connection with other words millions of times every month on google. Why? because people like things that are free. This would be a great word to scatter around on your page that displays adsense. If this word is used in an ad its more likely to attract your visittors to click on that ad. Another word that can be also useful to use is "NEW". Why? Because our modern world is fascinated with anything thats new especially with computer and electronic gadgets.

As I said before this will not guarantee you to bring in big bucks. However, if you are getting tired of making small pennies with adsense and you would like something that can bring in larger amounts of cash for your ads you definitely need to consider HAVADS. You can Click Here to find out in more detail.

Why is Havads the way to go? Well if you can have an ad that looks like a google ad and it converts to a sale from just one person clicking. You could make more on that one sale than a whole month of clicks from adsense.

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