Monday, June 04, 2007

Generating Income With Adsense Through SEO

by Matthew Ryan

The desire for more traffic to your website is always a goal for webmasters, especially if you use Google's Adsense on your pages. More traffic means more Adsense clicks, and that means more income.

But how do you do this? Well, the main way you will get visitors to your website (besides using AdWords, which is encouraged as well) is to use some techniques to have search engines send more and more internet users to your page, by ranking high in search engine results for your topics of interest and keywords.

Believe it or not this is a technique, better known as search-engine optimization, or "SEO" for short. There are many techniques that come handy under every amateur or professional optimizer's belt.

The first thing you need to optimize is the actual source code and layout of your page. This has to be kept as simple as possible. The problem arises when AdSense and the search engines themselves begin to have troubles in extracting the most relevant keywords on your site because of a too complex and messy layout.

Secondly, try to only target one specific topic on each page of your website. This way it is a lot easier for them to get indexed correctly and for the AdSense ads to be relevant to the content of the site itself.

Try to keep your hyperlinks to a minimum on your page as well. This will help your SE ranking, and since there are less links on your page, your Adsense CTR (Click through Ratio) will increase.

If there are certain keywords you are targeting, make sure the keyword you wish to target is present in the title, in the first paragraphs as well as in the name of the file. Put your keyword in the footer of the page, or near the end of the page, so it is the last thing the SE reads. Also, use heading tags, for example H1, H2, H3 and so on. You really don't need to go any further than a H3 tag.

Last but not least, it is imperative your content is original and compelling. How do you do this? Well the easiest way to do it is to write on something you're really passionate about. That way, it is easy to write about, and you can write a new webpage in no time at all.

If the content you use in your site is in the public domain (like this article), surround it with original content. It isn't hard to pull an article from a directory, and put a couple of paragraphs around it.

If you still can't find your page in the search engine rankings, you should try rewriting your title and your first and last paragraphs. It doesn't take much; often just changing a few words will give you better results.

In the end, you'll find that SEO is a complex topic, and complete books have been written on the topic as well. You might find that you have a lot of optimization you need to do in order to get more and more visitors to your site and clicking those valuable Adsense ads.

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