Monday, June 04, 2007

How To Ensure That Your Account Won't BE Disabled

by Joynal Abedin

Google Adsense affiliate advertising program is one of the best income source of many website publishes all over the world. It's getting popular among the general day by day. Now-a-days, at the time surfing internet, You often gets "Ads by Google" in many websites. As you are reading this blog, I may guess that all of you are Adsense publishers or Interested to learn about Adsense.

Here is few tips that you should maintain so that your account won't be disabled:

1. Don't do anything that is strictly prohibited in Google Adsense Program Policy and Terms and Condition. So carefully understand Program Policy and Terms and Condition to ensure that your account won't be disabled or terminated.

2. Never click on your own ads. If you want to preview your website, It is recommended that you use Adsense Preview Tool. It helps you to preview the ads that may be shown on you website. So, You can easily take a decision whether this page should be included or not. As the ads displayed on the preview tool are in test, You can click those ads. "Geo-targeted locations" enables you to see what ads may be displayed for the users of USA, CANADA etc.

3. Add maximum two search box, three ad unit, one ad link and two referral button per page. Otherwise Your potential visitors may think that you have published the site only for earning money through these ads, Not for providing the information they want to see in your website.

4. Don't label Your Adsense ads by using "Sponsors Link", "Advertisements", ''Click these to help us" etc. So don't encourage them in anyway to click on Adsense ads. Don't place image nearby Adsense ads to increase CTR.

5. Don't place ads on web pages with MP3, Video, Image and Adult content.

6. Don't send your ads by email. Rather You can let your friends and others know just about your site. Mention the URL only. They may generate invalid clicks that may result in termination of your account.

7. Don't place ads on blank pages.

8. Never Modify your Adsense code.

9. Don't place competitive contextual ads on the same site. Non-contextual ads and Chitika Ads are allowed.

10. And last of all don't get afraid to contact with Google. They will give you better support than others. For general program or account questions---

For additional technical questions or concerns---

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