Monday, July 30, 2007

Google Adsense Banned Me For Life | They are both The Judge and Jury of a Kangaroo Court ....

by Anthony Marquis

Last year Google Adsense banned me for life. I had a competitor who indirectly obtained/purchased my software and guidebook, which contained 20 free copyrighted football pools permutations of mine. He then went on to sell my 20 perms as his own ebook. I contacted him by email and asked him to cease and desist. He basically called me an idiot and told me that they were his perms and that he could sell what he likes. He had never sold this product before until he had obtained it from me! He had his friend purchase my system and tried to steal it.

He started to use the exact same keywords in his domain name and his web site title as I had in mine and copied my entire web site sales content/material (changing a few words about).

It seems to me that certain unscrupulous people, as mentioned above, seem to view the internet as a great big FREE supermarket where they can just turn up at any web site and steal other peoples' hard earned work or product for NOTHING!

I informed Clickbank and Nochex that he was selling my product without a license from me or by my permission and they both cancelled his online payment processing. I contacted Google, Yahoo and MSN and filed a DMCA complaint and offered to produce my copyrights and affidavits. ALL his web sites were then banned!

After his demise, he went on to my website and literally must have clicked the living life out of my Google Ads. Google must have believed that I was in on the swindle and banned me for life. They were not interested in what I told them, which is exactly what I have outlined here.

I was naive and had no idea that this could happen. I really did not see this coming.

It has done me a terrible mischief and I haven't got a clue what I can do. Google judged me like I was some kind of low life criminal. I have never taken a penny from them and neither would I if it were dishonest.

As a pointer for all you webmasters out there: Be very careful not to make enemies with your competitors, as they don't all play fair. My guardian once told me when I was only 16 years of age, that there are people out there with the following attitude: "Do well BUT don't do better than me!" Jealousy is a terrible disease - So watch out!

What really gets me with Google is that if they make their minds up to chop our legs off without even giving us a fair chance to vindicate ourselves, then we are all at their mercy as they (for the time being) seem to be running the show.

I only pray that Yahoo and MSN form an alliance and finally put Google's nose out of joint - GOD willing.

I work very hard at building web sites and now I cannot even put a Google advert on them - WHAT CAN I DO?

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It seems that Google have got too big for OUR own good. It would appear that they can discriminate, be Judge and Jury (without giving us a fair hearing) - find us guilty and yet be answerable to no one. How long will we be at their mercy? Email:

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