Thursday, July 05, 2007

Share Adsense Revenue And Get Paid For Your Articles

There are many Article Directories on the Internet vying for you original articles. Some of them will are for free and some of them charge you to post your articles. Most of the article directories make money and the ones that do not are the ones that are not able to generate traffic to their web site.

I work hard to create quality articles. And the reason I work hard is that I want to get traffic to my web site so I can generate income through Adsense or through sales. The more traffic I can create the greater my income. This is not a difficult concept to grasp and most of the people that create and post articles on the Internet have grasped this concept.

I have thought about creating a web site for article submission for myself because I believe that is where the big money is. But I released that I am not good enough when it comes getting good placement with search engines or getting high page ranking. So for now I will stick to what I know.

I have notices a new trend developing over the last year or so. Article Directories are starting to realize that in order to get quality articles they need to do one of two things. The first is to get the page rank of the article directory high enough that quality authors will be eager to post with them. The higher the page rank, the better the back link to your web site. A better the back link means more visitors to your web site.

The second thing that some article directories are starting to do is sharing the Adsense Revenue generated by your article with you. Article Writers that have found article directories that have started sharing the revenue are flocking to the article directories to post articles. This means that the article directories can be a lot more quality oriented and will reject trash articles a lot quicker.

The good article directories will use both concepts and that is why I have created this article. I have found several article directory web sites that now share the adsense revenue generated with the authors that post with them. I have created a page on my web site that contains all of the article directories that I have found so far and as I find new ones I will update the list.

If we all utilize the services of the adsense revenue sharing web sites then sooner or later the rest of the article directories will have to follow suite or go out of business.

The web site is

As of June 7, 2007 I have found 6 article directories that share revenue and 1 that will pay you outright for your article. I am currently doing research on 6 other sites.

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