Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How to increase CTR and How do get more adsense impressions to site?

by Martin Kespre

How to increase CTR

make a better blending

block the mfa sites

use section targeting

You should first of all make sure you're making use of the AdSense channels. Don't just create 1 channel for all your ads but instead 1 for each ad. By this I mean that if you have a standard layout for all your pages of your site and for example have 3 ads, one below the header, one in the sidebar, and one in the footer, you should create 3 channels and name them appropriately (e.g. "header","sidebar" & "footer").

Once you've done that you can start playing around with placement and blending to achieve the best results.

The best way to see which works best is to use A/B testing where you compare 2 variations at the same time. Always remember that ad optimization is an on going trial and error process.

As trichnosis has already mentioned, section targeting would also be a good way to increase your CTR but ONLY if your ads are unrelated to your site content. Be careful when you implement section targeting though as incorrect use can make the relevancy of the ads worse.

How do get more adsense impressions to site?

It's all about the content.

And then how you promote it.

Original and unique content will get you good rankings in the Search Engines results as SE's love to index fresh content.

So all you're doing is scraping content from other sites, be it article sites, news articles, wikipedia pages, then you will have less chance of being indexed or ranked well because it is duplicate content.

If you can get indexed then Search Engine traffic is of excellent quality. From personal experience people who come via Google are more likely to click on Adsense ads. Because they've found your page from a deliberate search and they find an ad in context with the content.

Next on the agenda, how do you promote your site?

I'm not going to give any tips on promotion because each site is different. But if all you've done is made a website and update occasionally (even regularly) and do nothing more than that then watch the stats in your Adsense control panel then the site isn't going to grow in traffic.

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