Monday, September 10, 2007

How to Write Articles to Make Money From Adsense

by Timothy Firth

Adsense is all the rage now, and there are so many different ways to make money from Adsense, but here is a method you've probably not tried and most people probably won't as it does take time and effort.

Most people seem to want to keep switching from automatic software generators to bombs to portal sites to directory listing sites, which is fine, but I have and always will stick to creating unique that's informative and of high quality.

My method is not the only way to make money with Adsense, but I feel this is the best method for long term success, simply because it's been working well for me in different ways since I began Internet marketing a while ago.

This is a business idea that I'm doing right now and I believe it will make me a fortune in the long run.

What I've been doing is creating a site that's similar to It's a free site that shows people how to do a lot of different things. The best way to explain the site is just for you to have a quick look now.

They have thousands and thousands of pages of content on all sorts of subjects and the way they get traffic to their site is through the search engines, which is all well and good if you want to wait a while, but this guide is all about making money quickly.

Every page on their site has an Adsense box on it and that's how they make their money. They also have an Alexa traffic rating of around 2000 which is great.

Trying to write that much content without making any money would be difficult, you'd lose interest quickly and trying to write that much content or even buy that much content in one hit would be lunacy.

I've always preferred to make money constantly even if the project is half done or in progress. I find it gives me an incentive to keep going.

So I registered a catchy domain name and I started writing little 500 to 750 word action plans on all sorts of topics, one example is fly-fishing. It consists of a small check list on all things to do with fly-fishing with 2 Adsense boxes, one in the middle and one on the right hand side.

When it comes to Adsense, you have to think like your website visitor. What is it they are looking to buy? There would be no use in putting something on my website about how to make money with fly-fishing because the advertisers with Adsense are selling fly-fishing equipment that has nothing to do with making money. You need to make your content fit into the Adsense ads and I think that's where most people go wrong with Adsense.

Back to the business plan:

Ok, so you've got your site up, you have a page up on a certain topic that had a fairly high search rate and Adsense payout rate, now what? How do you make money with this page?

Write articles! For every different topic, write 10 to 20 articles on all sorts of subjects to do with that topic. I wrote close to 40 for mine and I haven't become rich from it but if I can put up 500 similar checklists in the next year I will be earning a very nice income.

But how do you get people from reading your article to going to your website?

Well, not only would you mention your site within your article, (slip it in humbly) you also have your article resource box you can use for that purpose. For example, "for a complete checklist for your first fly-fishing trip visit" or "for a complete step-by-step checklist for catching large trout visit"

So not only will you make money from your website, you will also build tons of quality content over time and you will have hundreds maybe even thousands of articles all around the Internet working for you around the clock and your site will do a heck of a lot better in the search engines due to all the incoming links!

This is a very rough outline, but you smart people out there will be able to run with it and add new ideas I haven't even thought of. This is one of those money machines that will make you money on demand pretty much for the life of the Internet.

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