Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Search engine giant Google has expanded its sponsored search tool AdSense onto mobile phones, in an attempt to target client brands with mobile-friendly websites.

Google said that AdSense for Mobile will be aimed at brands keen to monetise their mobile content via contextual advertising.

As with Google’s website AdSense programme, the mobile offering will run on an auction model and will deliver text ads that are relevant to a website’s audience and content.

According to the internet giant, the expansion of AdSense will help users access information on the move, while allowing advertisers to exploit the growing number of mobile-compatible websites.

Google has looked to ramp up its commercial activity in recent months with several high-profile acquisitions, including that of DoubleClick. The search engine company has also expanded its Google Earth offering by allowing users to see images of other planets.

However, recent research by ComScore found that Google has lost its top ranking in the UK in terms of page impressions to teen social networking site Bebo.

Sean Cornwell, senior product marketing manager of Google UK, said: “With AdSense for Mobile, the reach of the Google content network is extended to the mobile platform.

“AdSense for Mobile provides a valuable way to connect mobile users with the right ad at the right time as they seek information on the go, whilst offering publishers another way to increase their revenues.”

Source: http://www.mad.co.uk

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