Monday, November 19, 2007

AdSense Only For Your Squidoo Lens?

For many years, a vast number of internet marketing gurus have suggested that diversity is the best option for seeking increased web site traffic. These experts have continued to weigh in on a multiplicity of methods and their recommendations seem to advocate a series of measures aimed at traffic generation that is targeted and precise.

In today's internet marketing environment, some gurus are now charting a new direction and recommend a narrower focus. Which crowd is right and what are the correct answers? For those who choose to keep a narrow approach to internet marketing, management of the online business will certainly be much more predictable and possibly easier. Some would argue that income could be limited under such a strategy. The diverse approach would obviously be broader and more resources would be used. Extra resources could include services like Squidoo and HubPages or portals that are specifically designed to enhance the marketing experience.

Squidoo is a service that caters to anyone who wishes to create a site about any topic. It can be business related or it can be for fun. For those who are interested in the business and marketing aspects of Squidoo, diversification is definitely a central theme, but a Squidoo Lens (A lens is a web page that is created in Squidoo) can also provide a place for those who desire to keep a narrow approach too. Some online business owners prefer to buy targeted traffic. Some prefer to obtain traffic through other means. For the vast majority of web site marketers, Google Adsense is the income making program of choice that is used most often on Squidoo. Having such a targeted, singular focus is fine and it probably works well for those who employ this strategy, but have a diversified plan of action offers advantages too. At Squidoo, online marketers can choose to build an affiliate network and provide a wide array of products and services. Finding partners for joint ventures is another great option and opportunistic marketers could use this service to expand their eBay sales and remote site sales.

The diversification versus narrow approach debate will continue within the internet marketing community. To determine which method is best for obtaining guaranteed web site traffic, testing is highly recommended and finding a comfort zone should be considered too.

About the author: James Carrington is a charter member of Earners Guild. For more information on Squidoo, visit Earners Guild where you'll find step-by-step video training for anyone interested in starting or growing an online business.

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