Saturday, December 01, 2007

Adsense Secrets and Tips - Are There Any Left?

Adsense secrets and tips. Well. are there any left? The simple answer is 'Does it really matter?'

The top tips on making money with Adsense are already out there, free for you to read about and implement. There is evidence that a lot of people are making money with Adsense. The question you should be asking yourself is 'Why am I not making money with Adsense?

The problem with affiliate marketing entrepreneurs is that we read a lot of really useful information, but then we go out and do exactly what we like.

The really useful 'Adsense secrets and tips' to help you make money with adsense are really basic.

  • Read the Google terms of service: Google gives you a lot of hints on how to make your Adsense campaign as profitable as possible. If you think about it, the more successful your Adsense campaign is, the more money Google gets. You really must study the TOS at google and plan to operate within them
  • Build content rich website: There really is no substitute for this. You must build websites that have a lot of useful information for your visitors. The longer you can hold their attention on your webpage, the more likely they are to see an adsense ad that interests them. Also you must be aware that generating a click is not the ultimate goal. You must try to generate clicks from people who will take action. It is rumoured that the adsense ads served on sites with click through and action are at the higher end of the cost per click range than sites that generate clicks and no action. With this in mind, you really need to treat your Google adsense ads as you would affiliate links. Now if you have a content rich site with genuine information on it, the people who will click on your adsense ads are likely to be those who are looking to take action i.e buy a product or sign up for something.
  • Get targeted traffic: No one is going to see your Adsense ads, not to mention click on them, if no-one visits your website. You need to have a robust traffic generation mechanism in place.
  • Place your ads in prominent areas on your webpage: If Adsense is the primary source of revenue from your website, why have you got your ads at the bottom of the page? Duh!
  • Blend your ads in: No one likes to click on an ad that looks like an ad!! Try to format your adsense ads so that the blend in with the other content on your page

These are but a few of the Adsense tips and secrets that you can apply to help you make money from Adsense. The most important factor though is you. Will you read this and move on or will you take action?

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