Saturday, December 01, 2007

Beware Of Adsense Ebooks Myth and Key Secret Of Being Successful With Google Adsense

Are you one of those who are eager to start an online business? There are many online businesses options available today, but always remember there are also many online business models which are 100% scam. Choosing one online business program from a reputable company is very important. One of the reputable online business model that a person could start is Google Adsense which is a program run by Google itself.

However even when the program is from a reputable company such as Google, there are many Adsense "gurus" in the internet who have wrote ebooks which claim able to help you make money online overnight. This is totally misleading since adsense is highly dependent on good website with valuable information and high traffic. If you do a search engine query with the word "Adsense", you definitely will see there are many people selling ebooks concerning how to make money online using Google Adsense.

The question that one need to ask is, why there are so many ebooks out there and yet almost none of them showing the authors' high Adsense earning websites? Why are they not showing any one of them. I will leave it up to your imagination to wonder why. In reality, Google Adsense program need few of these important aspects to generate substantial money:

1. Website topic need to have some commercial value where advertiser will pay to advertise. For example, if your site is explaining about the mating method of squids in Indian Ocean, there are almost no Adsense advertisers will be advertising in this topic.

2. Provide valuable content that people are searching in the internet. Even if your website has a generic topic, try to focus on adding more value added content which other websites not mentioning about. This will make your site to be more comprehensive and make Google able to place Adsense ads which are more focus to your topic.

3. There are many people focusing on high paying keywords in Google Adsense. They will base their websites on topics related to the high paying keywords. Personally, this method is good at the beginning, however keywords could be related to a topic that you may not be interested about, it will be hard to expend your website in the future as you do not have the interest in what you are writing about. Competition also will be stiff.

4. There is no point explaining Click Through Rates (CTR) or even Impression of the Adsense ads, if you do not have the large number of visitors to your website. No matter what methods or magical techniques a webmaster uses, but if he/she could not generate enough traffic to the website, Adsense revenue will definitely not increase. Traffic is the blood that fuels any website. Without enough traffic, Adsense will not be able to generate the income. With enough traffic, one will notice CTR and Impression will increase too.

5. Google Adsense ads and the website should have organic match or in other words optimized. This means the ads that appear should look as part of the website. Visitor should feel that they are looking at the website content even when they are actually looking at the adsense ads. This could be done by matching ad color, positioning , size and frequency. If this organic matching technique is properly done and combine with high volume of traffic, it could explode ones adsense's income.

Understanding Google Adsense fundamental requirements are very important, and one should always know that they need to put in the effort in building their website before they could actually start making money online with Google Adsense .

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