Friday, December 28, 2007

Make Money With Adsense - Techniques To Improve Performance

by Jo Mark

Google's Adsense program has made it easy for webmasters to make money with a website. Anyone with a website or blog can include this contextual advertising service. The Webmaster is paid each time a visitor clicks on one of the ads. It can be installed very easily by including a few lines of code that Google provides.

To maximize your Google Adsense income, you should optimize the ads on your site. Following is some information to help increase your Adsense earnings:

Place your ads in the upper right hand corner of your site, if possible. Studies have shown that ads placed in this position have the best click through rate (CTR) relative to other positions on your website.

The size of your ad is also a factor in your CTR. Large rectangle ads (336x280) seem to result in higher click through rates.

When designing your Adsense ad, create a custom palette for your ad so that color of the ad's border and background match the color of your site's background. This makes it look less like an ad and more like a typical link.

Another design tip, the color of your ad title should be the same color as other links in your website. This make them look more like ordinary web links within your site that visitors use to move from page to page within your site.

Never place your ads at the bottom of your web page. Ads displayed at the bottom of a site tend to be much less effective than ads in other positions.

Place your ads as close as possible to the main content of your site. Placing it just above, adjacent to, or just below your content has proven to be effective.

Using these Adsense techniques, some people generate hundreds and even thousand of dollars each month. Try these optimizing methods and watch your click through rates improve.

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