Friday, April 25, 2008

Adsense earnings- value and passion

by Marina Smiley

The most exciting and probably the simplest way to make money, is with Google AdSense. Nowadays, everybody and their brother are talking about this program, which has become the absolute favorite of Internet entrepreneurs.

The Google AdSense program gives a person the opportunity to generate a "passive income," meaning that no direct selling is involved. Even a complete novice, who has never sold anything through the Internet and does not want to sell, can make an income with this program.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a program that delivers targeted text or image ads based on the content of a blog or website. Once you have registered, it will generate the code which has to be inserted into the blog template in order to display Google ads.

The most exciting thing about this program is the relevance of the Google ads to the content. I assume that you have seen Google AdSense ads when you have gone to various Internet sites.

If the blog is being used to discuss the obtaining of credit cards for high school or college students, then Google will automatically show ads about student credit cards. If the blog is for parents who want their children to have a career in modeling, then Google will deliver ads about child modeling.....

Obviously, visitors to your blog are more likely to click on Google ads that are automatically adjusted for each and every article that you post.

The value of AdSense keywords on the same topic can make a big difference in your earnings. Almost any subject has keywords and phrases that pay very well per click.

It is not difficult to figure out that you will make more money when a blog content attracts the highest paying advertisements.

After understanding the basics of making money and utilizing Google AdSense, most people get extremely excited. They begin to build blogs based only on the most expensive keywords, regardless of the amount of knowledge on a chosen subject. Unfortunately, some of these blogs never bring any money to their owners.

Although, I don't believe in the existence of so called "Internet Success Secrets, " in my opinion, a few ideas deserved to be called "secrets, " and this is the first one:

"To be successful in the Internet world you have to have knowledge and/or passion about what are you doing."

Of course, the best combination is when you have knowledge AND passion at the same time:))

Successful Internet entrepreneurs are not necessarily smarter nor do they work harder than anyone else. In reality, these successful people have MORE FUN and work less. They are not afraid to show their personalities and, eventually, develop a close psychological connection with visitors to their blogs.

In return, internet visitors remember the owners of their favorite blogs, trusting them and even more importantly, value THEIR opinion!

It is not difficult to find the highest paid keywords, using excellent programs. However, before you begin to search for these keywords, ask yourself if you have enough knowledge about the subject and, as equally important, do you have the passion?

To base your business on the most expensive keywords without any passion and/or knowledge, is the same as marrying someone for money alone, when every day of your life could become a living hell.

If given the choice between the subject that you enjoy writing about and a subject that you do not have any passion for, then it makes more sense to choose the former one. Even if it attracts less expensive keywords than the latter one.

Any blog, written with knowledge and passion, can gain recognition on the Internet and, as a result, will get a lot of free targeted traffic and repeated visitors. "Cheap" keywords work harder on popular blogs and can bring in more money than expensive keywords on poorly written blogs.

Your business will expand if you provide information that is not only FREE but offers VALUE to the visitors. "Remember, You have to give before you can receive!"

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zorgate said...

Hey, brother!

Great advice on being a blogger. I just started using AdSense, and I'm so exited to start raking in the dough! Good luck to you, and peace.