Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to Lose Your AdSense Account By Advertising

When you are looking for instant gratification for your website, there is a type of advertising package that gets you excited. It offers instant legitimate traffic to your site. Will you pass it up?

It looks excellent and seems almost fool proof. You have probably heard of it, redirected web traffic from expired domains. The concept is simple and seems innocent enough when looking at it. A company buys expired domains with existing links, search engine listings, and a loyal following of Internet surfers that some webmaster just gave up on or couldn't afford to run anymore.

You have been dying to get more sales from your website and you see a company has purchased thousands of expired domains with actual traffic still pouring in to them, or at least that is what they say. I am not going to say their necessarily lying, but I will say it is important to read this before you continue on with a decision of purchasing this traffic.

The catch line usually is that the domains registered with this traffic seller are all sectioned into industry categories of relevance that you can rent, making it highly targeted traffic to boot. So your getting into your wallet ready to spend a hundred dollars or less for thousands of eager online shoppers for your product. You see your site fits a category that you know you can entice visitors to buy from or at least get some AdSense clicks from ... STOP!

Right off the bat I will tell you, if you value your AdSense account at all, this method of promotion can destroy your reputation with Google AdSense. How can it destroy your AdSense account and how does AdSense even relate to the domain traffic to your site? Sit tight and I will get to that subject as soon as we get finish the subject of redirected domains.

A redirected domain is just as you would think. You pay for temporary placement on multiple domains that have traffic generated to them. Pay close attention to the word I just mentioned, generated. Many of these companies, if not all will say their bought domains have legitimate traffic coming to them through searches, natural browser requests, etc. however you might find that almost all of this traffic is coming from one major source.

What would this source be? You won't like to hear it, but you might as well know, it comes from traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges are not the advisable method to generate sales for any site other than maybe an MLM, traffic exchange, or marketing site. This is due to the fact that traffic is generated by other users trying to generate traffic to their sites as well. Most sites are ignored in an attempt to rack up points for views to their site.

Another method is having your site pop-under or pop-up when visiting a specified URL. While this method of traffic generation can work for some sites with good landing pages, not all redirected domain traffic companies play by the rules and to cloak a pop-up or pop-under from a user they can modify the opening browser window to be the size of a mere dot that a user would never be aware of. This of course would count as a visit to your site.

This has been discovered on more than one occasion as I myself tried to capitalize on additional low cost advertising methods and while being ineffective they can be harmful especially to an AdSense account.

If you read Google's TOS you will specifically see traffic exchanges and pop-under/pop-up forbidden for any landing page with Google AdSense code on it. You break these rules you may face a warning, but at times many have faced the penalty of termination. Knowing the risks involved with this type of advertising you are best to keep your site and your AdSense account as far away from these companies as possible.

If the sound of redirected domain traffic does appeal to you, the only way to guarantee yourself the traffic is legitimate is to order expired domains yourself. There are membership based sites dedicated solely to finding these types of domains in your niche and you just pay for the domain and forwarding service aside from the membership fee.

If you plan to test any method of new advertising that you are not 100% sure about always make sure to create a landing page without your Google AdSense code. You never know when you will be told lies over the Internet. Take this precaution and you will save your coveted AdSense account from termination.

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