Thursday, May 15, 2008

Google AdSense Tutorial

Recently I found I had a few websites I had basically abandoned, mostly because the products had become less attractive and were no longer worth the effort of promoting. I decided rather than let the sites simply sit there costing me hosting money - I should try to optimize the sites for Google AdSense and see if I could make any income from the sites at all.

I must admit that I probably had a slight advantage as my sites still had "some" traffic. I had heard about people earning good money through the Google AdSense program so I decided I had nothing to loose by experimenting to find out if I could in fact earn any money from my useless sites or not.

Almost as soon as I put some effort into optimizing my sites I noticed an increase in click through rates in my Google AdSense account. The increase in my earnings wasn't enough to get too excited about. I had increased my earning to about $3.00 a day, hardly enough to retire on but at least I could see that the alterations I had made to my sites had increased my AdSense income.

The next thing I do is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to see if I can improve the traffic to my AdSense websites, my theory being if I have x amount of traffic to my sites now- then if I can double the traffic then I should double my income. The only tool I used to start with was Ad Word Analyzer

I try to think of prospective niche markets - a quick search using Ad Word Analyzer tells me which of my niche keywords are searched for the most - also the keywords where I'll have the least competition. Now that I have the keyphrases I'm going to use for my new website, then I try to register a domain name using those keywords, if I can't do that then the very least I do is put the keywords I want to target in my webpage title tags.

Then I write articles around my keywords, I try to think of what keyphrases the searcher would type in - then I use that term as my article title eg: "Google AdSense Tutorial" I always make sure I have a text link using the anchor text I want to rank for. Finally I submit my articles to the top 10 article directories.

I find these methods have worked for me - it just takes a little time and effort thats all.

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Kerry Harrington

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