Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Top AdSense Alternatives


Text Link Ads is a company with two sides - the advertiser program and the publisher program. As an advertiser, you buy static text link ads on the site of your choice, and pay a set monthly fee. As a publisher, you allow Text Link Ads to sell a set number of links on your site, and you receive 50% of the cost of each purchased link. TLA keeps the other 50%. The price charged per link varies based on how many pages you show the links on, the size/popularity of your site, and where the links appear on your site. Above the fold links tend to garner more attention, and more money, when compared to below the fold links.


Linkworth is a competitor of Text Link Ads. They basically operate the same way, there are some advantages and some disadvantages. Your website is accepted more easily into Linkworth which is a big advantage, however Text Link Ads seem to have a better team to sell your space and buy links for the advertisers. Unlike Text Link Ads 50/50 commission spread, Linkworth offers 70/30. Linkworth also has many other options to sell your space, not just links, but their program is a little bit more sophisticated and it can take you some time to figure it all out. I would however recommend Linkworth instead of text-link-ads because of their rather ridiculous customer support.


WidgetBucks is a shopping widget that you can place on your website or blog. You earn money every time someone clicks on it. You can choose a lot of different size and colors for your ads and make it more suitable for your site. When you sign up for WidgetBucks, your account will be credited with free $25. Withdrawal limit is set to $50. So that means when you make another $25, you will be able to withdraw your first payment.

How do they pay?

They pay-per-click (PPC), just like Google AdSense! They are claiming an amazing $3-$6 CPM on widgets, about three times that of traditional ad networks. You can also earn money by referring people to WidgetBucks. Affiliates can earn a 10 percent referral fee based on the commissions earned by the people they refer for the full 12 months after the new member joins. Both check and Paypal are supported withdrawal options.


If for some reason you can not use Google AdSense, there are still some options for you if you want to use publisher programs that look very similar to AdSense. Bidvertiser is a contextual advertising service that allows you to display your advertisement only on relevant web pages and pay per click search engines. The main advantage over AdSense is its lower payout. Big publishers wouldn't care about this but for many small blogs that are still waiting to hit that magic $100 Google payout level, getting pay at a lower level is quite attractive.


Adbrite Provides Text, Image, intext, popup, popunder, full page ads. Their model is CPC and CPM. Pays through Check and Wire Transfer. It needs to be mentioned that non-English sites are difficult to benefit from it, but it is so with almost every company. Adbrite, bidvertiser and adtoll are the best CPC AdSense alternatives, however depending on what your website is about one can be superior to another. The best is to try them all out and see which pays most for you.

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