Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 Killer AdSense Ideas For a Home Based Business

AdSense is one of the greatest ideas for a home based business, but it is not an automatic money maker. To be able to earn well, you have to know, how great AdSense incomes are maid. There are two things, how to build enough traffic and how to make those visitors to click.

1. Pick High Paying And Long Tail Keywords.

The differences between high paying keywords and low paying keywords are enormous. This note is maybe the most important one, when you ponder AdSense money making ideas for a home based business. For instance the mortgage loan niche is among the high paying ones, but it also includes keywords, which pay only pennies. And other keywords, which pay a few dollars, even tens of dollars per click.

Google Keyword Tool is the tool with which you can easily find the high paying keywords. It is important to use the long tail keywords, because they bring traffic from more keywords. If you use articles for promotions and want to rank high with your page, you have to make the competition research. Good ideas for a home based business is to use the niche marketing strategy and to try to rank on the first page or even the first place on the result page.

It is important to use only one keyword for one page. This means that you have to use this keyword in the title, description, keyword list and in all other meta tags. When Google selects AdSense ads for your page, it reads your meta tags to judge, what is the focus of your page. And when it sees, how you have optimized the page, the ads will be the high paying ones. Make also sure, that your niche has enough AdWords ads, because otherwise Google will place ads, which are not highly related to your theme.

2. Build A Template For The AdSense Ads.

As said above, to make the AdSense to work, the page template must be planned for AdSense ads. We western readers start to read every page from the left upper corner. This means, that when the reader starts from the left upper corner, he must recognize AdSense ads first. Put your ad blocks as close to the left upper corner as possible.

The page layout should be as quiet as possible. In this way AdSense ads with their blue headlines will draw the reader attention. In this strategy the most important benefit to the reader comes from the ads. That is the added benefit he will get.

When you build the template correctly, the click through rates will be high. This means, that your page does not need so much traffic to make a decent amount of income and this means that you can write more articles with the long tail and low demand keywords. They can rank high with the power of the article directory page rank.

If you pick low demand and low competition keywords, they will bring you a nice monthly income, but a single page has a limited earning power. Because you have now learnt the way, how to earn with AdSense you can pick another niche to make more money. Or you can find more high paying, low competition keyword for your present page and to write articles using these keywords and to launch your pages into new niches, which then bring new incomes.

The niche marketing strategy requires, that you focus tightly into the needs of that niche. The quality of your articles must be high, because people are looking for a special information, products and tips. The high paying keywords bring a nice income even with low traffic numbers and are profitable ideas for a home based business.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. The Entrepreneur Of The Home Business Opportunities. Must Pick One Idea From Many Available Home Based Business Ideas. I Recommend AdSense. Visit: Ideas For A home Based Business.


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Good fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

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Get_Rich_Now said...

One of the secret adsense tricks is to meet a middle point between simple and professional looking website. It should not be too flashy but it should not look poor either.

Nicholas Dixon said...

So true. It takes some experimenting to come up with the "right" look for a website that will attract readers and make money.