Thursday, February 25, 2010

Any Body Could Gain Money Using AdSense, But Let's Try to Be Professionals

Many of us, thinking that in order to gain money from AdSense, they should depend on luck, depending on what many of the ebooks ally about the instant fortunes, that your AdSense may generate. Sure we couldn't deal with luck, but we should not forget that gaining money from AdSense, not only depending on luck, but also the more your clicks from your website visitors on these AdSense ads the more your credit will go up. So in this article I will show you how to increase your income from AdSense by achieving high rate of clicks on these AdSense ads.

Believe me, depending on the instant fortunes to gain money through will lead you to nothing, and may be having some backfire effects, for me, and till now I have never met any body who gained money from these instant fortunes. So lets depend on the practical way of gaining money when we are going to deal with AdSense. But also it doesn't mean to drop this contingency away, but it will be our non-critical source of money (also don't use it unless that you hear from a reliably person that it really works for him)

Now I will tell you how to be a professional in using AdSense through the remaining part of this article:

- first of all you have to know that using text words on your AdSense ads is much more helpful and attractive to your visitors, I felt this point my self during dealing with my sites.

But now, as we decided to depend on the text words rather than using pictures. No way that when we are going to write some text words in an AdSense ads, there will be many options of words that we can use. But we should take care that as we need to choose up the words that will gain a lot of money, we should take care of the competition that these words will lead to.

In order to encourage you, I want to tell you that I already gaining about 100$ per month through the AdSense ads that my web site contains, reaching this rate of constant income didn't cost me any thing except that spending some time in preparing these AdSense putting them in the free domains I have on my web site, noting that this process you will do it one time, then you don't have to do any efforts to keep your income rate. The way is too simple, that you will collect the names of your unused domains, then I advice you to choose a hosting service that fits you and host your free domains by this service, then fill this domains with many of websites that you are going to advertise about, you could write what ever words you want about these websites to describe it to your visitors.

- after knowing about the topic in general, lets start to make the forward strides to prepare your own website with the needed AdSense ads:

go to this link:

Through which you will create your free account, which will permit you to use Google AdSense on your website.

Then you need to choose the hosting service, you are free to choose the most comfortable service that fits you. But take care to choose a (SEO, search engine optimization) this property is used to organize the process of entering to a web site through the traffic caused by the search engines.

After getting your free account to use Google AdSense and registering to the hosting service which will host your free domains on your website, now you want to design you advertise text words to be perfect.

- in order to make up your text words you should use this link:

but returning to the competition problem that you may face, because of the spreading of the websites nowadays, when you are using a simple word on your search engine, you will find millions of websites related to this word, so you have to choose more different and distinct word.

For example:

If you are going to advertise about a topic of food delivering, if you make your key ward is "food" you will be faced with million websites that will be in competition with your one. So try to use this different and distinct one "sending food online".

- the ads words and especially the title should be related to the words and the topics that your website has, which will your visitors toward these ads.

- Choose an intelligent description:

In order to do so, you have to choose the words that are going to use, such as party foods, takeaway foods, desserts, and fast in delivering. After choosing your words try to arrange them due to their important, then start to make up your description, such as:

"Fast delivering your favorite foods, takeaways, desserts online"

Trying to make your words not to exceeds 200 word including the distances.

- I advice you to use the why park service which will do the most of this job for you, you simply write your words on the article finder box then you will finds the articles which are related to your key ward, these article containing the websites related to your words, which you could advertise about it on your website.

- In order to not annoying your visitor by making your ads on colorful borders, which will make border intervals between the website normal page and the ads borders. So it is logically to use white borders for your ads which will be more comfortable for your visitor's eye. If you choose to select the colorful borders, try to use colors that really suit your website pages colors.

- finally I advise you to use this link:

This will submit your site to about 40 search engine for free.

Amgad Khalil is a successful internet marketer and author of business articles... Visit for more details.


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