Friday, February 19, 2010

Know How Simple it is to Use Google AdSense and Also Know How to Verify the Same Account For an ETF

For using Google AdSense you don't need to be a techno-geek. All it requires you to know is how to cut and past and some basic internet knowledge. The support site of Google AdSense is very user friendly and is a complete website that has answers for most questions a newbie can ask and even more than that.

In the initial sign-up process, you are requested to fill the form with all the necessary information that is needed. Before that, you must read the terms and conductions and check the domain that you are using for the sign-up process compels with the terms of Google AdSense. If everything is according to Google's terms, then your account will be approved within a couple of working days. During this waiting time, it is better you get acquainted yourself with all the other points mentioned in the program policies. And also try to get more knowledge on Google AdSense by going through some of the websites or blog's, which are dedicated to provide extensive information on AdSense. One important point that you should know is that your website should not use any profanity, and it should not contain any adult content in it, so check for this before submitting the form for approval.

Once your account is approved, and as a publisher you can select your preferred way from the various payment methods offered by Google AdSense. If you are outside US then Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) is the best suited method. This method is offered in almost all the countries that Google allows to sign-up, with this method you can get your AdSense earnings in your currency, deposited directly into your preferred bank account. It is better to check with the Google AdSense support and see which countries are supported for this feature. It is necessary to fill out your personal information and bank information accurately; this is because Google is going to send a PIN through mail, to your given address in the AdSense account.

Once you have provided accurate bank information in your AdSense account, Google will make a small test deposit to the given bank account; this is done for the security reason. You will get an email about the test deposit to make; this will be within few days after your account as reached certain level of earnings. Now you have to log into your account and click on the payment detail's section, in this section click verify account. After this you need to enter some amount for the test deposit. Completing this step is very important if not done your earnings will be put on hold. Once this step is successfully completed, then your bank account will be approved by the Google, and you start getting your payments directly to your bank.

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