Friday, February 19, 2010

Minimum Payouts in AdSense

Google's AdSense program is one of the most popular money-making programs available to web page authors. It is extremely easy to use, because all you do is paste some JavaScript code (which Google supplies) onto your pages. Whenever one of these pages is viewed in a browser, the JavaScript code fetches some relevant advertisements to display on the page. (Google's web crawlers analyze your page to determine the keywords that best match the page content, ensuring that the ads are extremely relevant to your readers.) Any revenues that Google makes from those advertisements (which are mostly pay-per-click ads) are split with you, the page owner. All you need to worry about is putting up good content and getting traffic to your pages.

New publishers often wonder when they will get their first AdSense payment from Google. As a rule, AdSense publishers are always paid their monthly earnings at the end of the next month. For example, if you earned $500 in January, Google would send you a payment at the end of February. You can be paid by check or by electronic funds transfer (EFT). The latter normally means you will receive the payment in a matter of days.

All AdSense publishers, however, are subject to a minimum payment threshold value. No earnings are paid until this value is reached. Unpaid earnings are simply added to the next month's earnings, a cycle that continues until the accumulated earnings equal or exceed the threshold value. The minimum AdSense payout value depends on the reporting currency of the AdSense account. For US dollar accounts, the minimum payout is $100. For Euro accounts, the minimum payout is 70 euros. The full list of payout values is available on the AdSense support pages.

Note that the first payment a publisher receives is subject to additional conditions. Publishers may be required to enter tax information and to verify their mailing address before any earnings are paid, regardless of how much they exceed the threshold value. Some publishers feel that a $100 minimum payout is too high, especially for publishers with one or two low-traffic sites. If you fall in this category, you should explore alternatives to AdSense with smaller minimum payment thresholds. For example, very specialized niche sites often find that affiliate marketing (earning commissions from recommending products or services) is a better way to earn money than by using AdSense. This is also true for sites that deal primarily with a technical audience or other "ad blind" audiences.

But AdSense can be quite lucrative if you work at increasing your monthly earnings. An easy way to do this is to use Micro Niche Finder to find the most profitable and searched-for keywords on which to base your content. Develop a steady stream of traffic to your pages and you will soon break the minimum payout threshold and be on your way to developing a steady recurring income with AdSense.

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