Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writing to Increase Your AdSense Income

Many people promise easy work from home that can pay thousands of dollars and require little or no time commitment and not much start up money. Unfortunately if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. The same can be true for Google AdSense. There are plenty of get rich quick schemes out there that aren't worth investing any time in at all. In reality it takes work to earn money from AdSense. Like any other form of income, you have to work for it. To increase your earnings from Google AdSense focus on increasing traffic to your website, learning a few keywords that can increase the payout of each click, and posting subtle ads that blend in with the website itself.

The hardest part to earning any form of respectable income is increasing traffic to your website or websites. Ways to do this are to include key words in the domain name or throughout the site that are searched often but at the same time not used by other similar websites. This means more people will find your website and therefore your advertisements simply by searching on search engines. You might also try increasing the exposure of your website and getting your name out there. Write articles and submit them to article websites throughout the internet. Be sure to include links to your website in the body of the article if it is allowed or in your signature or byline if it isn't. That way people looking for more information may go to your website and end up clicking one or more of your advertisements which means more money. That also means they may come back to your site in the future and maybe even share it with friends or family.

The next trick to increasing your AdSense money is to learn words or phrases that get Google to put higher paying ads on your website. Google AdSense ads pay on a price per click basis. That means that you only get paid when people click on the ads at your site. The amount you earn varies with most advertisements ranging from $.50 to as much as $2.00 per click. Getting higher paying AdSense ads involves learning which keywords and topics pay more from Google.

The last step is learning how to blend the advertisements into your website so it is harder to differentiate parts of your site from the ads so people click on your ads. Sometimes the best way to earn a little extra money from Google AdSense is to get people to accidentally click the ads for you. One way to do this is to look at the advertisement and blend the background of your site to match it as closely as possible. If an advertisement has a blue border around it you can try to change your site so the area near the ad has a similar color.

Despite the fact that Google AdSense may not be the huge money maker others may claim it to be, it can be a great source of supplemental income or even turn into a career for those interested in growing their websites. With a bit of time and effort you can increase traffic at your website or websites and earn income approaching or even exceeding a full time job. Do not expect it to be easy or happen overnight but it can be worth the effort for those that enjoy writing, designing websites, and sharing ideas with people.

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One tip that internet surfers will most likely click your adsense ads is to place a top and left banner bars.

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